Spiral mixer fiber 60 Gold


Without the friction caused by the fixed column of traditional machines, the gold fiber keeps the original temperature of the inserted ingredients almost completely unaltered.
By means of the movable column of the mushroom bowl, the spiral mixes both against the bowl and against the “Mushroom”, speeding up the production time of the more hydrated mixes.
It has no edge or blind spot in the mixing area, facilitating cleaning on the entire surface in contact with the ingredients.

Technical features
Dough capacity 60 Kg
Flour capacity 40 Kg
Bowl volume 96 L
Spiral motor power 3.2 Kw
Bowl motor power 0.55 Kw
Height ground/bowl 760 mm
Lenght ( A ) 1050 mm
Width ( C ) 640 mm
Height ( B ) 1160 mm
Weight 320 Kg
  • Mixer with fixed bowl
  • Dough capacity 60 kg
  • Bowl and spiral tool rotation by means of belts moved by two dedicated high power motors
  • Two spiral rotation speeds with mixing times that can be set on a double timer (one for each speed)
  • Automatically change from low to high mixing speed and machine stop
  • Bowl inversion in first speed
  • Easy dough extraction thanks to the pulsed bowl rotation button
  • Single body shell in steel painted with non-toxic epoxy powders for food
  • “Mushroom bowl” with movable column and stainless steel spiral equipped with bumpers on both sides for the bowl
  • Possibility to work in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode
  • Double hand guard: stainless steel and plexiglass grid
  • Possibility of mixing even small quantities
  • Available in different speeds (220-240-280 rpm in second speed)


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